Smoke free alternatives to continued smoking | IQOS Armenia

1. HEETS Stick

HEETS are an innovation in tobacco experience. They are made from the highest quality tobacco leaves, carefully selected to deliver real tobacco experience.

2. Holder

The IQOS ORIGINALS DUO Holder is part of our heated tobacco system that allows you to experience two consecutive uses without recharging. Elegant and compact.

3. Pocket charger

IQOS ORIGINALS DUO Pocket Charger is used to store and charge your IQOS ORIGINALS DUO Holder. The ergonomic design is developed for ease of holding and integration into the lifestyle. Always under hand.

Smoke free alternatives to continued smoking | IQOS Armenia

What are HEETS?

HEETS is a modern tobacco product. Made from selected tobacco leaf HEETS sticks ensure different taste and flavor compared with cigarettes.
Heated Tobacco | Heat-not-burn technology | IQOS Armenia
This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.