How does IQOS work?

IQOS is a heat-not-burn system available in two versions.

The first has three main components – the heated tobacco stick (HEETS), holder, and pocket charger.

The second version is an all-in-one system that combines the holder and pocket charger, enabling back-to-back uses without recharging the IQOS unit. Both work in the same way – heat-not-burn tobacco sticks are inserted into the IQOS holder, while heating is controlled electronically through the heating blade.
Press the button to start heating and insert the HEETS tobacco stick. After use, the tobacco stick can be removed and disposed of safely.

IQOS was created to heat specially designed tobacco sticks, hence HEETS were produced for this purpose.
IQOS heats tobacco enough to release nicotine without burning it. The maximum working temperature of IQOS does not exceed 350°C, thus avoiding burning, ash and smoke.

Tobacco sticks contain tobacco processed specifically to be heated. They are made of carefully selected tobacco that is finely ground and prepared using a patented process.
The tobacco stick holder heats the tobacco through an electronically controlled heating blade. The heating blade heats the tobacco up to a temperature of 350°C, ensuring a constant device temperature, and preventing burning. It also includes an overheating prevention mechanism that triggers a cut-off if needed. The holder heats the tobacco stick through the heating blade for up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs.
Following each use, in the case of three-component systems, the holder must be inserted into the pocket charger for recharging. The IQOS 3 DUO model allows two consecutive uses before recharging in the pocket charger. The pocket charger can be charged from a wall socket. The IQOS 3 Multi all-in-one system can be used for up to ten experiences before recharging.
This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.