IQOS 2.4 Plus Troubleshoot

Let's try the following steps:

Check for any potential damage on your Power Adaptor or USB cable.
If you identify any damage, try using a new set of adapator and cable.
IQOS devices are intended for use only with official or authorized IQOS Power Adaptors for optimal charging.
Make sure your Pocket Charger is switched ON*. Plug it into a power outlet** for at least 20 minutes. We recommend a full recharge, which requires 2 hours.
*Press the Pocket Charger’s Power button once and see if the lights turn on. If not, press and hold the button again, for 3 seconds.
**Laptop USB ports may not have enough power to charge your Pocket Charger if it is completely discharged.
Reset your Pocket Charger. Press and hold the Power and Bluetooth buttons together for 3 seconds and then release. All lights on the Pocket Charger will briefly blink white after releasing the buttons.
Use an IQOS Cleaning Stick .
To clean the Holder’s connector (bottom part of the device). Make sure the Holder’s connector is completely dry.
Place the Holder back inside the Pocket Charger (remember that the Holder’s magnetic connector should face down).
Additional Support
IQOS is not risk free. For adults only.