Fiit is a heated tobacco stick designed to be used with lil device. We are sure that you will have questions about this novelty that has recently entered the market. For example, what is a Fiit? What does it consist of? What assortment is available in Armenia? What is the difference in taste? Where can you buy Fiit?
We have provided the answers to these and many other questions in this article. Let's get started.

What is a Fiit?

Fiits are heated tobacco sticks designed for lil devices. They are quite similar to the well-known HEETS stickers, which are designed mainly for IQOS devices.

What Fiit flavors are available in Armenia?

The following three Fiit flavors are available in the Armenian market today: REGULAR, REGULAR SKY and CRIPS. We have presented these two flavors in more detail in the picture below, so you can get acquainted to each flavor and find the most interesting one for you.

Where can one buy Fiit?

Fiit sticks are available at official IQOS points of sale and in many other stores as well. Besides visiting the store, you can also purchase Fiit sticks by ordering on the official IQOS website.

We are sure you've been in a similar situation, when you did not know where to find the HEETS sticks, being in an unfamiliar place. In such cases, you can seek help on our website, where the system will suggest the nearest points of sale and stores in accordance with your location. Just follow the instructions here.

Is it possible to use HEETS with a lil device?

This question has already become one of the most frequently asked ones. The answer is both yes or no. Let us clarify now.

Technically it is possible, because the dimensions of Fiit sticks and HEETS sticks are the same. However, we do not recommend to use HEETS sticks with lil device as those sticks are specifically designed for IQOS device. Please read more details in FAQ section.

What do Fiit tobacco sticks contain?

Fiit contains real tobacco. The tobacco mixture is made of different types of tobacco, which is ground into powder, mixed with water, glycerin, guar gum, cellulose fibers. This mixture is dried to form a tobacco sheet used with lil heating technology.

Non-tobacco part consists of the following sections:
- Air flow chamber, designed to hold the tobacco plug in place and transfer the aerosol to the cooling plug. It’s made of cellulose acetate which is a synthetic fiber-based on cotton or tree pulp cellulose.
- Cooling plug, designed to cool down the aerosol. It’s made of corn-based material also used in the medical, food and beverage industry.
- Filter, made of cellulose acetate, is designed as a mouth piece.
- Protective wrap. Our new protective paper wrap holds the tobacco stick together and contributes to a clean look of the stick after use.

BONUS: Tips for lil users

As a bonus, as we are sharing some useful tips for lil and Fiit sticks:
- Keeping your device clean and taking proper care will ensure optimal performance and a stable taste. Clean it as often as possible, at least after every 20 sticks with a special Dual cleaner designed for lil.
- When finished, turn the stick 3 times in the same direction, only then remove it.
- Always turn off the device and let it cool before cleaning it.
- If Fiit tobacco sticks are difficult to insert into the holder, just twist the stick between your fingers a bit, to slightly loosen the tightly compressed tobacco.

And most importantly, if you have any questions, answers to those can be found in the FAQ section or by calling the Customer Service Center at +37444007177.

Important information: Fiit tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive. For adults use only.

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