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Support Category lil SOLID 2.0

lil™ SOLID 2.0 is an all-in-one tobacco heating device introduced by IQOS™, to experience a real tobacco taste without smoke and ash.

lil™ SOLID 2.0 is designed to be used with Fiit tobacco sticks.

lil™ SOLID 2.0 is a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes for those adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.

If you have a new lil SOLID 2.0 device and will be using it for the first time, first wake it up from sleep mode by pressing the button for 2 seconds or connecting the charger to the charging port. A full charge will take approximately 2 hours.

  • Slide open the Cover of the stick insertion part at the top of the device.
  • Insert a Fiit™ tobacco stick with the tobacco part facing down.
  • Press the button for 2 seconds until vibration occurs. State LED blinks in ice blue and the device vibrates simultaniuosly. Pre-heating takes about 25 seconds depending on the use environment. When the preheating process ends, the State LED lights come on and vibrations occur simultaniously to indicate that the tobacco stick is ready for use.

Your device is ready to use!

The experience lasts for 14 puffs or up to 5 mins, whichever comes first. 30 seconds prior to the end of the session or when the last 3 puffs are left the device will vibrate once and the State LED will blink in ice blue until the end of the session. When the session comes to an end, the State LED and the device turn off automatically. You do not need to press the button.

To extract the tobacco stick, twist the tobacco stick more than 3 times in one direction.

You may use the device up to 3 consecutive times without waiting time between 3 sticks.

To check the charge level of the lil™ SOLID 2.0 device press the Button or plug the device in a power outlet using the supplied USB Cable and AC Power Adaptor.

The charging status of the device is displayed as follows:

  • Blue (100 ~ 60% charged),
  • Ice blue (60 ~ 30% charged),
  • Orange (30 ~ 1% charged),
  • Red (the device needs to be charged).

To reset your lil SOLID 2.0 device, you need to do a few simple steps:

  • Press the Button for 8 seconds (even if vibration occurs within 2 seconds).
  • The State LED will blink twice in red, orange, ice blue and blue, sequentially.
  • When the device is reset, the State LED lights in ice blue for 1 second, and vibration occurs twice, simultaneously.

Always turn OFF the device before cleaning. Let it cool down after the last use.

  • To use the Cleaning Wiper, gently snap open the side with the ⊙ mark.
  • To use the Cleaning Brush, gently snap open the according side.
  • Remove the cap from the device.
  • Insert the Cleaning Wiper into the device and clean the device by spinning the cleaning wiper. Repeat this steo with the cleaning brush.

The lingering smell most probably comes from the non-regular or non-thorough cleaning. We recommend cleaning the device on a regular basis after using 1 pack of sticks.

If you continue to use the device without removing the debris or remnants, the device can heat up the remnants, which can produce the lingering smell.

There are three variants available: Fiit REGULAR, CRISP and REGULAR SKY.

Fiit™ tobacco sticks are designed to be used with lil™ SOLID device.

Please visit this page to learn more.

Both, cigarettes and Fiit™ tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive. However, this is the only common point.

In cigarettes, the tobacco is burnt, whereas with Fiits its heated when used with the lil™ SOLID 2.0.

Because lil™ SOLID heats the tobacco rather than burning it, using Fiit™ you will experience less smell than cigarettes* and a true tobacco taste without ash or smoke.

*Source: Study conducted in Russia with 326 legal age smokers and heated tobacco users, September 2020.

Technically it is possible, because the dimensions of Fiit and HEETS sticks are the same. However, we do not recommend using Fiit sticks with IQOS device, as Fiit sticks are specifically designed for lil SOLID device. To get the best performance of the device with tobacco sticks and consumer experience, only use Fiit sticks with lil SOLID device.

IQOS with HEETS and lil SOLID with Fiit are different tobacco heating systems. The difference is in the substantiated benefits applicable to the relevant system. While both systems have scientific substantiation confirming the absence of combustion and emit significantly lower levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes*, IQOS has scientific evidence, including longer term clinical evidence, which shows that switching completely from cigarettes to IQOS presents less risk to your health than continued smoking. Also studies** showed that the satisfaction of those who switched completely to IQOS is comparable to those who continued to smoke cigarettes. These benefits are substantiated only for IQOS when used with HEETS sticks as a system. Whereas, lil SOLID’s reductions in levels of harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes is substantiated only when lil SOLID is used with Fiit sticks as a system.

IQOS and lil SOLID are not risk-free. Both deliver nicotine which is addictive.

*Source: Reductions in levels of a range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to the smoke of a reference cigarette.
** Source: 3 month clinical studies conducted in US and Japan with 160 adult smokers each under real conditions (ambulatory).

No. Cigarettes cannot be used with lil™ SOLID device because of different manufacturing design. Fiit™ tobacco sticks have been specifically designed for use with lil™ SOLID device.

If you experience that you only get a little bit of aerosol compared to your previous experiences, please ensure you check the following:

  • You are using the Fiit™ tobacco stick and not any other brands or products.
  • You have correctly inserted the Fiit™ tobacco stick in the lil™ SOLID device without breaking or turning the tobacco stick.
  • You allow the device to pre-heat for about 25 seconds prior to puffing.
  • You clean your lil™ SOLID regularly (every 20 sticks).
  • You pause between puffs to allow the pin to properly heat the tobacco and generate aerosol.

lil™ SOLID and IQOS™ are both smoke-free products, however, these devices have different offerings. It is only your own preferences, goals and budget that define your choice.

  • lil™ SOLID device is a smoke-free product that:
    o has limited selection of device colors and tobacco flavors
    o no customization options or accessories
    o all in one simple and practical device that offers real tobacco taste with no fire, smoke or ash
    o suits best customers who value simplicity and practicality.

  • IQOS™ device is a smoke-free product that has different offerings:
    o wider range of flavors – expertly crafted by our flavor masters to provide real tobacco taste and satisfaction
    o portfolio of devices, colors & stylish accessories
    o more than 500 customization options for your device
    o support programs and connected experience.

We sell lil SOLID charging accessories — AC Power Adaptor, USB cable.

If you are looking for a device that enables customization, we advise you to consider IQOS – with more than 500 customization options for your device.

PMI’s objective is that all adults who would otherwise continue to smoke switch as soon as possible to better alternatives to cigarettes.

In addition to our ongoing efforts to develop and commercialize our line of smoke free alternatives to cigarettes, commercializing lil outside of South Korea complements our strong portfolio of smoke free alternatives, while giving adult smokers more options in terms of range in taste, price and technology to choose from.

Important information: IQOS and lil SOLID are not risk free.