Towards summer with news

TEREA tobacco sticks with capsule flavors are finally in Armenia. 


Refreshed exchange program

The Old Device Exchange program is available for both IQOS ILUMA ONE and IQOS ILUMA devices.


 Spring is the best time for changes

It’s another wonderful opportunity to switch to new IQOS ILUMA with a surcharge of only 17.999 AMD. You only need to return your old IQOS or lil device to one of our official points of sale and get a new IQOS ILUMA device of the latest generation.


Spring is time for changes

This very spring, we have the opportunity to leave the smoke and ash behind, to switch to better alternatives to cigarettes with real tobacco taste.


Celebrating your story of love, express your attention and care  

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we are pleased to present gift options for you and your close ones*. 


Gift cards for smoke-free alternatives

Gifts are a wonderful way to give moments of joy to our loved ones.


Holiday mood at our point of sales

We express our heartiest congratulations on the Day of the Armenian Army and thank all those who protect our country.


Get your device immediately, pay within 6 months

We are by your side as you take the next step on your smokeless journey and offer convenient conditions for switching away from cigarettes to smoke-free alternatives. You can choose your preferrable device and pay for it within six months without any inte


Exchange of old device to new IQOS ILUMA

If you are an old IQOS or lil Es device user, from now on you can use "Exchange of old device" program, within the framework of which you will have the opportunity to exchange your old device with a new one for a surcharge.


Discovering the advantages of IQOS ILUMA compared to previous generation IQOS devices

As you know, the IQOS ILUMA device with our most innovative technology is already in Armenia. The new generation IQOS ILUMA has a number of advantages compared to the previous generation IQOS ORIGINALS. Let’s recall them.


Summing up 2023 together

This year was full of many innovations and achievements. Let's remember them together.


TEREA Flavor Discovery Selections

The wide variety of flavors you already know, now offers a different tobacco experience.


Cigarettes Produce Tar – IQOS ILUMA Doesn’t 

Tobacco at the tip of cigarettes burns at a high temperature, producing a large amount of harmful chemicals contained in smoke.