Below are the terms and conditions of the "Best Price for a Friend" Campaign (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms" and the "Campaign" respectively) organized by “Philip Morris Armenia” LLC.

1.      General provisions

1.1. The Campaign will be running in the territory of Armenia from March 1st, 2019 to December 31st, 2019 and may be prolongated by the decision of Program’s organiser;

1.2. Any individual can become a Campaign participant (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) who will recommend IQOS to a friend - an adult smoker (hereinafter - the “Potential User”), who meets the

following criteria:

1.2.1.      is an adult IQOS user;

1.2.2.      is registered in IQOS database keeps actual contact details updated;

1.2.3.      holds registered Device IQOS;

1.2.4.      holds a number from a local mobile operator;


2. Conditions for receiving a special offer for purchase of IQOS (hereinafter - the "Offer").

2.1. The Offer can be made to any Potential User who is not in an IQOS consumer (has never bought the device before);

2.2. The Potential User can benefit from the Offer only once within the scope of the Campaign;

2.3. The Offer can be received via an SMS or Viber message; 

3. Transferring the Offer

3.1. The User has the right to make the Offer to any Potential User who meets the following criteria:

3.1.1. is an adult smoker;

3.1.2. is not an IQOS consumer (has never bought the device before);

3.1.3. agreed to the transfer of his/her contact data by the User;

3.1.4. purchases the device for its own use, not for third parties.

3.2. The Offer is transferred to the Potential User automatically after the User has completed the form available on the iqos.am website or in the IQOS Viber Public Account;

3.2. The transfer of the Potential User’s contact details without his/her consent is PROHIBITTED.

3.4. Having used the Offer, the Potential User automatically becomes a participant of the Campaign.

3.5. The Company retains the right to limit the User’s ability to participate in the Campaign following the verification based on the assessment of the User’s and Potential User’s activity and/or via call audit of the Potential User referred by a User, that shall be conducted by IQOS support service to verify compliance with these conditions of the Program (hereinafter - “Quality referral”).

3.6. By participating in the Campaign, User gives his/her consent to be contacted by IQOS representative on the matters of the Campaign.

4. Using the Offer

4.1. As a precondition for benefiting from the Offer, the Potential User should be registered in the IQOS database;

4.2. The Offer makes the Potential User eligible for buying IQOS kit with the special price available at Sales points described in the paragraph 4.3. of the Terms at the moment of the Offer is requested by Potential User;

4.3. The Offer is available only at IQOS sales points (hereinafter referred to as the “Sales Points”).

             4․3․1․Dalma Garden Mall (3 Tsitsernakaberd Hwy)

             4․3․2 Yerevan Mall (34 Arshakunyats Ave)

            4․3․3  Yerevan City (60/2 Komitas Ave)

            4․3․4 Yerevan City (5 Mesrop Mashtots Ave)

            4.3.5. Parma (3 Northern Ave)

             4.3.6 SAS Food Court (11/1 Arshakunyats Ave)


4.3.7. personal delivery service ordered through the Customer service at +374 44 00 4767.

4.4. For receiving the Offer, the Potential User has to:

4.4.1. provide his/her phone number, ID and the message about the Offer received from IQOS, if the order is processed through the IQOS Point of Sale;

4.4.2. in case of the order being processed through the Customer service, provide his/her phone number and other relevant data as the customer service agent may request for completing the registration as well as submit the document verifying his/her identity along with the message about the Offer received from IQOS, to the expert responsible for the delivery;

4.5. The Offer considered to be used once the payment is made by the Potential User.

4.6. By using the Offer, Potential user gives his/her consent to be contacted by IQOS representative on the matters of the Campaign

4.7. If the Potential User has not used the Offer, he / she may be contacted by an IQOS representative within 30 days after receiving the Offer and in case of refusal to use the Offer, the Offer will be canceled and the data of the Potential User will be deleted from the database.

5. Receiving IQOS points by the User.

5.1. In case of the compliance with the terms set forth in Sections 1-4 above, the User receives IQOS points for each Potential User who has been engaged by him/her and benefitted from the Offer;

5.2. Amount of such points can very and listed on the Campaign web-page https://am.iqos.com/en/friends

5.3. IQOS points are accumulated in the User's personal account in the IQOS database;

5.4. The User can access the balance of IQOS points at IQOS Viber Public Account, inquire with the Customer service at +374 44 00 4767 or ask at the Points of sale;

5.5. The User receives SMS or Viber notification in case of any change in the balance of his/her IQOS points account;

5.6. It should be noted that according to the Laws of Armenia, IQOS points are not and may not be considered as securities;

6. Spending IQOS points by the User.

6.1. The User can spend IQOS points for exchange with any HEETS and IQOS products (hereinafter referred to as the “Products”) in the Points of Sales and through Customer Service.

6.2. To spend the IQOS points, the User should provide his/her phone number registered in the IQOS database and indicate the number of points that the User intends to spend.

6.3. 1 IQOS point equals to 1 Armenian dram;

6.4. Spending IQOS points means the reduce of the Product price list value in the relevant amount equivalent to the IQOS points spent (discount).

6.5. In case of spending the points which are equal to the Products’ price list value, the User shall pay a minimum of 1 Armenian dram.

6.6. After spending, the points are written off the User’s account and the balance is updated.

6.7. The Company retains the right to change the Product list available for spending the points; for the up-to-date Product list, you may contact Customer Service at +374 44 00 4767 or inquire with the Sales points.

6.8. The Consumer can spend any number of points while making a single order but no more than the amount available on the User’s account.

6.9. The reselling or gifting of IQOS points is PROHIBITED. The points cannot be returned to the User in the form of money.

6.10. After being used IQSO points can not be returned to User.

6.11. Products received with the exchange of IQOS points are refundable within 14 calendar days in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, while the User is only refunded the amount actually paid by him in monetary form and indicated in the check in Armenian drams. Used IQOS points for receipt of discount are not returned/reimbursed.

6.12. It is PROHIBITED to resale or give away Products received for the spent IQOS points.

7. Final provisions.

7.1. In case of violation of the Program Terms, the User may be excluded from participation in the Program and IQOS points and Offers, which he shared, respectively, are canceled, about which he/she must be informed. To make such a decision, the Company reserves the right to carry out an inspection, which can be carried out by analyzing the activity of Users and Potential Users based on signs of violation of the Program Terms (indicators) or/and by telephone audit from IQOS support service or by other means. For the period of the test, the User and his IQOS points can be frozen, which the User is informed about. According to the results of the inspection, an act is drawn up with the revealed signs of violation of these rules, which is signed by the employee who directly conducted the inspection.

7.2. The Terms of the Campaign can be changed for which a respective update shall be posted on the Website. The updated Terms shall become effective from the date of such publication.

7.3. The User agrees to the Campaign Terms at the time of the transfer of the Offer to the Potential User in accordance with Section 3 of the Terms.

IQOS is not risk free. For adults only.