The rules for “Try IQOS for free” program participation (hereinafter "Terms" and "Program" accordingly) organized by Philip Morris Armenia LLC (hereinafter Lender) are presented below.

1․ General provisions 

1․1. The program is run in the territory of the Republic of Armenia in Yerevan, Vanadzor, Kapan, Gyumri cities․

1.2.   A physical person (hereinafter "Beneficiary" or "Borrower") who is willing to be acquainted with the IQOS device and to use the opportunity of a 7-day free trial and meets the following criteria can participate in this Program․

1.2.1․ Is a legal age smoker․

1.2.2. Is the resident of the Republic of Armenia․
1.2.3. Is not registered in the IQOS database․

1.2.4 Is not an IQOS consumer (previously did not buy a device).

1.2.5 Uses armenian mobile operator services and has a phone number.


  1. Terms of use for the “Try IQOS for free” offer (hereinafter Offer):


2.1. The offer is available in Yerevan only through an IQOS personal consultant and in IQOS Points of Sale in the trade centers of Yerevan, Vanadzor, Kapan and Gyumri (hereinafter POS).

2.2. The Beneficiary can use the offer during the term of the Program only once.

2.3. The offer enables the Beneficiary to get acquainted with the IQOS device, get an opportunity for free use of the device for 7 days.


  1. Use of the Offer


3.1. The Potential Beneficiary completes the form on iqos.am website by provided consent for transferring his/her personal data.

3.2. Registration in the IQOS database is a mandatory prerequisite for using the offer.
3.3. In order to use the offer the Beneficiary shall:

3.3.1. Provide his/her telephone number, personal identification document and the offer message received from IQOS to POS or to the IQOS personal consultant.

3.3.2. Get acquainted with the IQOS terms of use.

3.3.3. Buy at least 3 packs of HEET for the offer use in POS

3.3.4. Get acquainted with IQOS lending agreement (hereinafter Agreement) in advance and conclude the Agreement between Beneficiary and the Lender by agreeing to every point of the Agreement.

3.5. By signing the Agreement, the Beneficiary shall:

3.5.1. Use the device solely for its designated purpose.

3.5.2. Strictly follow all conditions of this Agreement while using the Device.

3.5.3. Be obliged to return the Device not later than the last day of the date identified in (point 1.5) of the Agreement.
3.5.4. In case the Borrower does not return the Device within the period specified in (point 1.5) of the Agreement, the Borrower shall purchase a new Device and provide it to the Lender by signing a Delivery Act of the Device by the Parties or shall transfer the Device value specified in the Delivery Act of the Device signed by the Parties to the bank account of the Lender as a direct damage compensation.


  1. Final provisions


4.1. In case of violation of the conditions of the Program, the Beneficiary may be deprived of the right to participate in the Program.

4.2. In case of failure to fulfill or improper fulfillment of the obligations under this Agreement, the Beneficiary shall be liable in the manner prescribed by the Agreement and by the acting legislation of the Republic of Armenia.


4.3. In case the Device is not returned by the Borrower to the Lender within the period specified in this Agreement or as a result of termination of this Agreement on any ground, the Lender shall have the right to request the Borrower to pay a fine for each delayed day as specified in the Agreement.  Payment shall be made to the bank account of the Lender mentioned in this Agreement. If the Borrower pays the fines equal the 100% of the value of the Device prescribed in this point (in case the Lender claimed to pay such fines), then the Borrower may not return the Device to the Lender unless otherwise is specified by the Agreement.

4.4 In case of return of the Device in complete and undamaged condition, the Lender shall have the right to refrain from applying the fines set forth in the clause 4.2 of this Agreement.

4.5. The program conditions may be amended by informing about it on the relevant site. Amended terms enter into force upon publication.


IQOS is not risk free. For adults only.