"Old Device Exchange" (Trade-in) program terms & conditions

As of 202.02.2024

The "Old Device Exchange" (Trade-in) program (hereinafter referred to as the "Program"), is a program for customers (the “Buyers”), who are individual over 18 years old, permanently residing in the Republic of Armenia and are adult smokers or users of other nicotine containing products registered in respective database (hereinafter referred to as the "Database”) as owners of electrically heated tobacco system (EHTS), such as IQOS 2.4 PLUS, IQOS 3 Multi, IQOS 3․0, lil SOLID 2.0, lil SOLID Es or IQOS 3 DUO. or IQOS ORIGINALS DUO

Buyers may buy a new EHTS (also “New Device”) with surcharge, from a number of Q STORE brand stores (the "Seller"/"Sellers") on the condition of exchange (return) of the Buyer’s previously used EHTS (the "Used Device”) registered in the Database.

The complete list of cities hosting Q STORE brand stores participating in this Program is available on the Internet at the following address.

Program Rules

Used Devices eligible under the Program are as follows: IQOS 2.4 PLUS, IQOS 3 Multi, IQOS 3.0, lil SOLID 2.0, lil SOLID Es, IQOS 3 DUO and IQOS ORIGINALS DUO included in Group 1 or 2 (hereinafter referred to as the "Group"), as indicated below.

To participate in the Program, the Buyer contacts the Seller or visits the Q STORE brand store and informs about his/her desire to participate in the Program, introduces to the Seller the Used Device that the Buyer wishes to exchange (trade-in) within the scope of this Program.

The registered status of the Buyer, as an owner of a Used Device, is confirmed by the Seller by verifying the fact that the serial number of the Used Device was linked (registered) to the Database at least six (6) months before.

The Seller checks the Used Device provided by the Buyer for the eligibility to participate in the Program and to be included in one of the Groups.

To be eligible to participate in the Program, Used Devices must be in one of the following groups:

  • Group 1․ Used Devices that are in a full functioning condition, consisting of two functioning parts: a holder and a charger, regardless of scratches, injuries, or other cosmetic defects.

  • Group 2 - Used Devices, which are in a completely non-functioning or partially functioning condition, consisting of a single functioning part - a holder, regardless of scratches, injuries and other cosmetic defects, or consisting of two functioning parts - a holder and a charger, and the Warranty/Goodwill period of which has expired.

Used Devices that do not fall into either of the Groups do not participate in the Program.

In case of positive consideration the Seller confirms the eligibility of the Buyer for the Program. Otherwise the Seller notifies the Buyer the reason of non-eligibility for the Program.

The Buyer participating in the Program gives (hands over) the Used Device to the Seller in accordance with the agreement on the exchange, the Seller then sells the available new device in any colour with surcharge. Surcharge will depend on the actual information in Q STORE.

The New Device purchased by the Buyer includes all benefits as purchase of new device outside of the Program.

To participate in the Program, the Buyer must have an identification document.

The number of products participating in the Program, i.e. New Devices, is limited. The availability of New Devices is not guaranteed. The Program operates as long as the New Devices are available.

The period of the Program is indefinite. These terms and conditions may be change by the Seller at any time without prior notice to Buyers.


The Buyer is eligible to participate in this Program no more than (1) one time in a year, regardless of the Group classification of the Used Device to be returned.

Monetary funds are not provided (not paid) for the Used Device that has been handed over.

Payment for the New Device can be made in cash or by credit card.