What does the IQOS Starter Kit include?

The IQOS Kit is easy to use; its small size makes it easy to fit into your pocket. So what's in the box with this heated tobacco product?

• Holder: heats tobacco using a specially controlled heating blade;

• Pocket charger: lets you easily charge your device, even when you're on the go;

• Cleaner: helps you in keeping your IQOS clean for it to work best for you;

• Cleaning sticks: the kit includes 10 sticks for quick and easy cleaning;

• AC charger;

• USB charging dock.

IQOS incorporates innovative technologies, but it is very easy to use. It is the only thing you'll need to enjoy tobacco in a completely new way.


Let's start! How to use IQOS?

First, you need to make sure your IQOS is charged. If you are using it for the first time, make sure you charge the pocket charger for 90 minutes. 

1. Remove the holder from the pocket charger.

2. Insert the stick into the holder for it to face downwards.

3. Press and hold the button for two seconds. The LED light will turn green, which means you can start using the device. After charging, you can use your device for six minutes or 14 puffs.

4. The LED light will turn red, indicating that the warming process is complete and you have 30 seconds or two puffs until the power switches off. The light will then turn off and the session will end.

5. To remove the heating stick, pull the device cap aside and pull out the used stick.

6. Never use regular cigarettes with IQOS, use only specially designed sticks.


How to charge your IQOS?

Remember, IQOS holder needs to be recharged between the sessions. It is very easy:

1. After removing the heating sticks from the holder, press and hold the button in the direction of the pocket charger button and reinsert the holder in the pocket charger.

2. During charging, the LED light on the pocket charger will start to emit green light. When the light stops flickering, your IQOS holder is ready for use again.

3. The pocket charger also has LED lights that indicate how much charge of battery is left. The battery of the holder is recharged within a short period, but remember to charge the pocket charger after 20 uses with the help of USB cable or AC charger.


How to clean IQOS?

Finally, here are some helpful tips for cleaning your IQOS:

1. For best results and stable flavor, IQOS needs to be cleaned daily with the cleaning device. Just remove the cap from the holder, install the brush and rotate it.

2. If there are any tobacco residues left in the device, simply insert the cleaner and rotate.

3. After every 20 sticks, clean the device thoroughly using the cleaning sticks.

If you are interested in learning more about using IQOS, follow our news.

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