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About heated tobacco

Without fire, smoke and ash

From time to time, switching to other tastes can help to get a new and fresh experience.

HEETS and Fiit bundles allow you to try sticks with different flavors, body and intensity and find flavors that suit your tastes and preferences.

It is highly recommended to take a short break between different flavors, for example, to drink coffee, so that you have the best experience and feel the real taste of each type of stick.

The idea of heating tobacco instead of burning it has been around for some time. After years of research and development at Philip Morris International (PMI), it finally came to life, offering our innovative alternative to traditional cigarettes for adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use other nicotine products.

A cigarette has to be lit in order to be smoked. It burns at a high temperature at the tip of the cigarette, but can reach even higher temperatures during a puff. It is the action of burning that releases most of the harmful and potentially harmful chemicals into the smoke that is inhaled by a smoker. Combustion releases more than 6,000 harmful substances, many of which cause smoking-related diseases. This means that even though nicotine is addictive it is not the main cause of smoking-related diseases.

On the contrary, PMI’s tobacco heating devices heat up processed tobacco at lower temperatures, releasing tobacco flavor with no fire, no ash, and no smoke.

Our commitment to high quality

Providing IQOS legal age users with a high quality tobacco experience is our key focus and the way we prepare tobacco is what makes the difference. The tobacco inside every HEETS is specially prepared using a unique patented processing method called ‘cast leave process,’ necessary to optimize the tobacco for heating. In this process, tobacco leaves of the highest quality are grounded into powder and then reconstituted into tobacco sheets. These sheets are crimped and made into a tobacco plug which, when combined with all the other parts, creates a HEETS stick.

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.