Your 7 days with IQOS or lil SOLID

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions and talk about the advantages of tobacco heating devices.

Question 1. What to do if I haven’t made up my mind yet about purchasing the device?

You can try IQOS or lil SOLID device for 7 days to getting acquainted with the device and advantages.

Question 2. I am simultaneously smoking with IQOS? How can it affect my experience?

We recommend not smoking cigarettes during the trial to notice the benefits of the alternative. It is important to note that IQOS aerosol it does not negatively impact indoor air quality.1

Question 3. Is IQOS less harmful than cigarettes?

Switching completely to IQOS is less harmful than continuing to smoke.2


Question 4. Can I buy IQOS or lil SOLID using credit?

You can choose the model and color of the device you like and purchase it using credit, paying off the amount within 6 months without additional payment.

Question 5. I didn't get enough satisfaction as in the case of cigarettes. What to do?

After smoking, it takes time to get used to the heating devices. IQOS provides cigarette-like satisfaction. 5 which is confirmed by clinical studies. Satisfaction depends on the intensity of the puffs, and it is very important to take 10 second pauses between the puffs. And to get the taste satisfaction, you need to clean the device after every 10 uses.

Question 6. I tried it before and didn't find my favorite taste. What to do?

If you prefer balanced tastes, Silver and Yellow HEETSs may suit you, and Regular Sky from the Fiit selection.

Those who like rich flavors may like Sienna, Bronze, Amber HEETS or Premium HEETS Noor and Fiits Regular.

If you like menthol or refreshing flavors, you can try HEETS Turquoise, HEETS Purple or Fiit Crisp.

HEETS sticks are for IQOS, and Fiit sticks are for lil SOLID.

We will be in touch throughout the trial via Viber Assistant, supporting and answering to your questions.

1 Source PMI study conducted under ISO standards simulating real-world scenarios and based on threshold limits established by existing air quality guidelines.

"Important information: IQOS is not risk free"

2Source: Based on the totality of evidence available for IQOS in comparison with continuing to smoke.

3Source We measured the levels of certain harmful chemicals prioritized for reporting by renowned public health organizations, and these are reduced on average by 95% compared to the smoke of a cigarette (nicotine excluded).

4Tar is the residue from smoke after a cigarette is burned. IQOS does not produce tar because it heats tobacco instead of burning it. It generates an aerosol residue that is fundamentally different from tar and consists of significantly lower levels of harmful chemicals.*

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The absence of tar does not mean that IQOS is risk free. IQOS provides nicotine which is addictive.

* Average reductions in levels of a range of harmful chemicals (excluding nicotine) compared to cigarette smoke.

5 Source 3 month clinical studies conducted in US and Japan with 160 adult smokers each under real conditions (ambulatory).

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