How to clean your IQOS ORIGINALS DUO

In this video we will explain in detail how to clean the IQOS ORIGINALS DUO device with a double-sided cleaning tool and sticks so that the device will continue to provide you with the flavor and experience of real tobacco.

First remove the cap and remove any remaining tobacco by shaking the holder, then follow the steps below․

1. Fully install the rotating side of the double-sided cleaning tool and gently turn it 3 times in one direction.

2. Place the moving side of the cleaning tool in the direction of the heating blade and move to the right and left.

3. Use a cleaning stick to clean the cap as well as the walls of the holder from the inside without touching the heating blade.

Do not touch the heating element when cleaning

We recommend cleaning the device after every 10 uses to get lasting flavor and satisfaction

There is no need to use cleaning products when cleaning the holder or charger

You can start cleaning at least 30 seconds after use when the heating blade has cooled down

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