How to accompany your friends* during their smoke-free journey.

A few lifehacks from us.

Do your friends, who are legal aged smokers like to use your IQOS or lil device from time to time, and never buy their own? Are you worried that they might damage your device? We are sharing tips on how to properly use and clean the device.

Here is how to easily guide them on device usage․

  • First, tell your friend* about the advantages of IQOS, compared to continued smoking.
  • Before handing the device, make sure that the holder is fully charged and clean.
  • Show them how to correctly insert the HEETS/Fiit stick, so that the heating blade is not damaged. (The stick should be inserted with the tobacco part down to its silver line, no more than that 😄).
  • In case of IOQS, once finished, the holder cap has to be pulled up, and the tobacco stick removed, without rotation.
  • It’s also important to talk about the cleaning of the device.

If they didn’t really like your sticks, don't worry, because we have a wide selection of flavoւrs. You may suggest them our "Flavour discovery" limited bundles with HEETS or Fiit sticks. This will help to find the exact flavour that matches their preferences.

And if your friend* is already ready to purchase his/her own device, you can register them by filling in their details. In this case your friend* will get a special bundle.

*Adult smoker or other nicotine product user

This product is not risk free and provides nicotine, which is addictive. Only for use by adults.