Have you ever been in a situation, when there was an urgent need for IQOS support? We are sure that you or one of your acquaintances have, at least once.

Sure, you can ask your IQOS-user friends or call our experts at +374 44 004767.
But why not to choose the easy way out?

Our VIBER Assistant, being available regardless of your location and working hours, can help you when:

  • You are looking for heated tobacco sticks or the nearest IQOS selling point, service center, IQOS-friendly cafe or restaurant, where you can purchase HEETS. Just two taps and you’ll find it.

  • Something is wrong with the device. In such cases, you can easily diagnose the device yourself. The VIBER Assistant will find out what happened and suggest what steps to undertake next.

  • You want to chat with our operators. Just one touch, and our operators will contact you within 5 minutes (working hours: 9:00 - 21:00).

  • You want a link to our Facebook page, where a lot of useful information can be found. Your VIBER Assistant will assist you in this case too.

The device troubleshooting is also available online. If you still have questions, the answers can be found here, or you may call the Customer service center: +374 44 004767.

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