Changes that we are bringing

At PMI Armenia, we believe that individual contributions make a significant impact on the environment. Circular Programme provides a platform for eco-conscious individuals to collect, sort, and return their used HEETS, Fiit sticks, VEEV NOW disposables, VEEV ONE pods as well as end of life IQOS/Lil/ VEEV ONE devices for recycling.

We take responsibility for the entire recycling process, ensuring it is easy and totally free for every adult user. By understanding the importance of recycling and disposal, we can collectively work towards a sustainable future.

To broaden your understanding of Circular Programme sharing with you all the details of our recycling process.

Recycling Process and Disposal Methods:

At PMI Armenia, we ensure that every component of our recycling programme aligns with our commitment to the environment.

Eco-friendly Disposal of Batteries and Accumulators:

To guarantee the safe and environmentally friendly disposal of batteries and accumulators, we neutralize and dispose of toxic and hazardous elements such as liquid electrolytes, mercury, cadmium, and lead. This responsible approach prevents any environmental harm and ensures the proper handling of these materials.

Energy Utilization through Waste Incineration:

Certain waste materials, such as specific types of plastic, polyethylene, acetate fiber cannot be directly recycled. However, we prioritize their proper disposal. We send non-recyclable waste to waste incineration plants equipped with cleaning filters through energy recycling. This process prevents these materials from ending up in landfills and utilizes the energy generated from.

Our long term plans

We are committed to continuously improving our recycling efforts and implementing sustainable practices. Here are our upcoming plans:

Less Plastic in Packaging:

We are dedicated to reducing unnecessary plastic from our packaging. This includes eliminating shrink film, magnetic elements, excess paper, and plastic components. For instance, our IQOS cleaning sticks now feature legs made from thick cardboard instead of plastic, significantly reducing plastic waste.

Recycled Bags

We are planning to change our bags to paper ones made from recycled materials. As we move forward, we will also gradually replace various types of packaging with eco-friendly alternatives.

The impact of individual contribution to our Circular Programme cannot be understated. By becoming a part of Circular Programme we will work toghether towards a cleaner and greener future through responsible recycling and disposal.

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