What to do if there are problems with lil SOLID 2.0

lil SOLID 2.0 is a reliable and high-quality tobacco heating system that usually works without unpleasant surprises. But just in case, we have collected in one article information about possible malfunctions of lil SOLID (does not turn on, does not heat up, flashes red, and so on) and how to fix them.

lil SOLID 2.0 does not turn on, does not start heating or flashes red

The device is probably behaving this way due to one of the reasons below:

1. lil Solid 2.0 is in "sleep mode"

The brand new lil Solid 2.0, just out of the box, may not turn on. And this is normal. The device is just "sleeping". You must activate it before using it for the first time. To do this, press the button on the device for 2 seconds or put it on charge and wait a bit. You will find that lil is activated when it flashes red, orange, light blue and blue twice.

2. lil Solid 2.0 ran out of battery

If the device does not turn on or flashes red, it is most likely just out of battery. Plug lil into an outlet and check the charge level by pressing the button. If the indicator flashes red, lil is completely discharged. Just put your device on charge.

3. lil Solid 2.0 overheated or “froze”

Another reason why lil may not turn on is that the device has overheated or “frozen”. For example, if for a long time it remained outside at sub-zero temperatures, or vice versa - in the sun. Be that as it may, this problem is easy to solve. Just leave lil Solid at room temperature for a while and he will resume his "workability".

4. Software or electronics failure

If the indicator on your device suddenly starts flashing red, there may have been an electronics failure. In simple words, your lil "hung". This is not scary and you can easily fix it yourself - just restart the device. How to restart lil Solid 2.0?

- Press and hold the button on lil Solid for 8 seconds. Yes, the device can vibrate, everything is ok.
- Then lil will vibrate 1 time and flash twice in red, orange, light blue and blue
- When Lil blinks blue and vibrates twice, this is your signal that the reboot is over.

lil solid 2.0 not charging

If lil SOLID 2.0 does not turn on and does not charge, and rebooting and long charging did not help, it is better to contact support. If your lil is less than 12 months old from the date of purchase, it is under warranty. This means that we can replace it for free with a new one under warranty after a quick diagnosis.

lil SOLID charging slowly

If your device is charging slowly, check if you are using the original adapter and cable for charging - the ones that were in the box with the brand new lil. We recommend using this particular kit - so the device will definitely charge quickly.

Also note, lil charges faster from a wall outlet than from a laptop or power bank.

lil SOLID 2.0 drains fast

Lil Solid draining fast? The battery of the device is probably dead. Try contacting IQOS support 044007177 or one of the IQOS stores for professional help for lil SOLID.

lil SOLID 2.0 has poor stretch or little aerosol

1. If lil SOLID poorly delivers aerosol

First, check if the device is working. Perhaps you accidentally turned it off and did not notice. Now check if the stick is inserted correctly. It should be inserted up to the silver line with tobacco down. Scroll the stick three times and take it out. Check if there is any tobacco left in the heating chamber from the previous stick. If left, you need to clean Lil.

Next, insert the new stick into the lil SOLID with the tobacco side down without twisting it.

You can watch the video instruction on how to use lil SOLID correctly

If you inserted the stick correctly, but there is still no aerosol or there is very little of it, the device may need quality cleaning.

You can watch the video instruction on how to clean lil SOLID 2.0

2. If the aerosol during use is less than usual

Most often, the aerosol is not enough in two cases: the device is dirty or you are taking too strong / frequent puffs.

We recommend cleaning the device after each pack. In this case, use only the cleaning tool that comes with the device. Also, we recommend using IQOS cleaning sticks, which are also suitable for lil Solid. With them, you can easily get rid of even the smallest particles of tobacco.

Another recommendation is to take small pauses between puffs. So, the heating pin can better heat the tobacco. There will always be enough aerosol, and every use of lil SOLID will be as it should be.

lil SOLID aerosol is bitter or smells bad

If lil SOLID smells bad or bitter during use, you can easily fix it yourself - just clean the device thoroughly. And so that such situations do not recur, we recommend cleaning lil every day.

lil SOLID 2.0 blinking orange

If lil is blinking orange, it means that the device has automatically started the cooling mode after you have used 3 sticks in a row without a break. The device will take 3:30 minutes to cool down. After that, you can use it again.

What to do if lil SOLID’s heating element (pin) breaks?

Unfortunately, damage to the heating element most often occurs due to improper or careless use of the device, therefore it is considered a non-warranty case and is not covered by the warranty.

To avoid this, always carefully insert the stick into the device, do not press it and clean lil according to the instructions. And when you take out the used stick, do not forget to scroll it three times in one direction and only after that take the stick out of the device.

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