From April 16th to 22nd Dalma IQOS store decoration becomes an original exhibition dedicated to the smokeless reality.

Before visiting, let's see what benefits the non-cumbusted alternatives can have

With alternatives there is…

❌No combustion
Nicotine is not the main cause of smoking-related diseases. Harmful substances caused by combustion (carcinogenic tar, ammonia, carbon dioxide) cause the greatest damage to health.

Non-combusted alternatives normally heat nicotine containing products up to a much lower temperature compared to combustion.

❌No smoke
In case of alternatives to smoking, there are no smoke, as well as secondhand smoke․

Instead, there is a nicotine-containing aerosol that dissipates more quickly than cigarette smoke.

❌No ash

With alternatives to smoking there is no ash that not only smells but also pollutes your surroundings.

❌No dark stains on teeth
Smoking leaves stains on teeth while alternatives may be significantly better.

✅ Better alternative
Most alternatives to smoking are much better than smoking cigarettes.

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