Surely, one of the first questions You asked after purchasing Your IQOS was about heated tobacco sticks. What variants of sticks are presented on the Armenian market? Where to buy those? What do they contain? What are the benefits of HEETS? The answers to these and even more questions you’ll find in this article. Also, there’s a bonus at the end of it: some useful tips for IQOS users.

What HEETS Sticks flavours are available in Armenia?

First things first: what HEETS flavors are there, and how one finds the preferred one? HEETS tobacco sticks are specifically designed to be used with IQOS. 7 types of HEETS sticks are presented in the Armenian market: 5 from the classic series and 2 from the premium collection. It's worth noticing that we regularly increase our assortment of HEETS sticks, based on the preferences of our customers.

The classic series includes the following flavors: Bronze, Amber, Yellow, Silver, Turquoise. The picture below shows the details of this series․ You can familiarize yourself with taste of each and find the one for you.

The premium collection is presented in the HEETS Dimensions series, which includes the HEETS Noor and Yugen sticks. The distinguishing feature of the HEETS Dimensions line is that it was created in collaboration with world-renowned chefs of haute cuisine. New stick flavours were developed by chef Juan Amador, holder of 3 Michelin stars, and mixologist René Soffner, one of the best bartenders in the world.

Where can one buy HEETS tobacco sticks?

HEETS sticks are available at official IQOS points of sale and in many other stores as well.
Besides visiting the store, you can also purchase HEETS sticks by ordering on the official IQOS website.

We are sure you've been in a similar situation, when you did not know where to find the HEETS sticks, being in an unfamiliar place. In such cases, you can seek help on our website, where the system will suggest the nearest points of sale and stores in accordance with your location. Just follow the instructions here.

What are the benefits of HEETS?

We answered the question why it's worth choosing IQOS here. Today we will continue to show you why it is worth opting for HEETS and how it differs from other heated tobacco sticks. We have highlighted 3 main features of HEETS specifically for you.

1. Meticulous control
HEETS contain quality tobacco, subject to stringent inspection procedures that take up to 12 months. During the preparation of the tobacco mixture, a specially selected amount from each batch is carefully checked every ten minutes.

2. Selective tobacco
To ensure maximum flavor and aroma, we apply strict quality standards in the selection and manufacture of the tobacco used in HEETS sticks.

3. Special technology
The tobacco used in cigarettes is cut, while the tobacco used for the HEETS sticks is crushed to a powder and then subjected to a carefully controlled processing process to roll up and fit into the HEETS sticks.

What do HEETS tobacco sticks contain?

HEETS sticks consist of 5 parts: carefully selected and processed tobacco, protective paper wrap, cellulose-based air flow chamber, two filters and cooling plug. More detailed structure of the HEETS can be seen in the picture below.

Many people mistakenly believe that HEETS sticks contain plastic, and some even unfold the sticks and reveal the transparent piece. In fact, the "plastic" shown is a cooling plug made of plant-based material in the form of a biopolymer film. No harmful substances emitted from the biopolymer film when using IQOS have been identified. This seemingly unfamiliar, at first glance, material is widely used in our daily life, for example, for the manufacture of surgical threads, bottles, tea bags and other types of packaging.

BONUS: Tips for IQOS users

Well, we get closer to the end of the article, and here's the promised bonus, as we are sharing some useful tips for IQOS and HEETS sticks.
  • Do not screw the stick into the holder. You can accidentally damage or even break the blade.
  • Did you know that after each use, small particles of tobacco remain inside your holder and cap? And if these particles are not removed in time, they can lead to a low level of released aerosol. That's why you need to clean your device every day and take care of it with original IQOS accessories - specially designed cleaning tool and cleaning sticks.
  • After the session has ended, the cap must be slid up before removing the stick.
  • If HEETS tobacco sticks are difficult to insert into the holder, just twist the stick between your fingers a bit, to slightly loosen the tightly compressed tobacco.

If you have any questions, answers to those can be found in the FAQ or by calling the Customer Service Center at +37444004767.

Important information: HEETS tobacco sticks contain nicotine, which is addictive. For adults use only.

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