Tips on switching to smoke-free alternatives

While the best option for all adult smokers is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether, switching to smoke-free alternatives from smoking cigarettes can be an alternative for those adults who would otherwise continue to smoke or use nicotine products. Here are some general tips to help an adult smoker successfully switch to a smoke-free product.

List reasons why you want to switch

Start by taking a step back. Why do you want to switch to a smoke free alternative from cigarettes? Is it because your friends have encouraged it? Is it because you want to be away from ash and lingering smell of cigarettes? Or is it because you want to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals from smoking for yourself? Whatever the case, having a clear list of simple, memorable reasons that you can constantly refer to can help you commit to the switch.

Be prepared

You may ask your smoking friends not to offer you cigarettes or not to smoke around you. If you misplace your smoke-free product, it might be tempted to have a cigarette. Consider having your smoke-free product around so you don’t have an excuse to go back to cigarettes.

Tell your friends you’re switching

Letting others know that you’re making a switch from cigarettes to a smoke-free alternative will encourage them to check in with you.

Which smoke-free alternatives are available for adult smokers?

Tobacco heating devices

Tobacco heating devices heat specially designed “tobacco sticks”, usually made of real, pressed tobacco, to precise temperatures, to ensure that the tobacco can release its flavor without any burning. Preventing the tobacco from burning also prevents the creation of smoke, which contains many harmful and potentially harmful chemicals. This allows adult users to enjoy real tobacco satisfaction without exposure to smoke, ash, or cigarette lingering smell, although heated tobacco products are not risk free.

Learn about heated tobacco and its benefits.

You can read more about these smoke free options in our article debunking myths around smoke free alternatives.

Why switch from cigarettes to smoke-free alternatives?

It’s simple: because it is an alternative to cigarettes for those adults who would otherwise continue smoking. While the best choice for all adult smokers is to quit tobacco and nicotine use altogether.

To learn more about the benefits of IQOS as a smoke-free alternative.

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