If something seems wrong with your IQOS, don't panic. You can find out what happened and resolve the situation by yourself. It is important to understand what caused the problem and follow the rules for using the tobacco-heating device to avoid such mistakes in the future.
The causes of the malfunctions are the failures of the device's operating standards. Some of the most common problems are:
  • broken heating blade,
  • short usage time,
  • indicators blinking red light.
Let's take a look at the possible causes and ways to solve these problems.

Broken heating blade

IQOS heats the specifically designed tobacco stick monitoring and controlling the optimal operating temperature of the device throughout its use, preventing burning or overheating the tobacco. In this process, the heating blade plays a vital role. As a piece of a unique and complex mechanism, the blade is subtle and requires a proper approach.

The blade may be damaged or even broken if you exert force on it, while cleaning the inside of the holder. Be careful, don't try to wipe the heating blade with cleaning sticks while cleaning the IQOS holder.
The second reason is twisting in the tobacco stick or turning it once the stick is already in the holder. This can damage the heating blade. Insert the stick inside the handle in a straight, smooth motion until the marked silver line.
If you encounter such a problem, we recommend that you contact the IQOS Customer Service Center. You can find the address of the nearest center here .

Short device usage time

The IQOS usage time is 6 minutes or 14 minutes, depending on which one comes first.

The problem may be the deterioration of the battery as a result of long-term use of the device. This is often caused by charging other devices' wires (such as cell phones).
It is recommended to charge the device using the original IQOS AC adapter and USB cable that's included.
Low temperature conditions can also cause shorter usage time. In cold conditions, keep the device in your coat pocket before use, so it works properly.

Blinking red light indicators

Another situation that may occur is that IQOS indicators turn red. There are several reasons why:

1. The overheating or overcooling of the device
IQOS operates in the temperature range from 0°C to 50°C. If the ambient temperature is low, try heating the handle in your hand for one minute. If it is too high, you need to move the device to a cooler place.

2. Holder needs charging
Insert the handle into the charger, the recharging will start automatically.

3. Damaged heating device (see above)

4. IQOS reset is required
To reset IQOS 3 DUO, press the charger button until the lights fade out, then release the button. All status lights will turn off, blink twice, and then progressively fade in, confirming a reset.

IQOS MULTI can be reset, by following the same instructions as portrayed before, with a slight difference of pressing the integrated device’s button.

For IQOS 2.4 Plus press the two buttons below the battery status lights simultaneously and you will see that after about 2 seconds all lights blink white for a few times.

Diagnose your IQOS device with the personal VIBER Assistant guiding you through it.

In case of having any questions, you can find the answers here or give a call to Customer Service Center: +37444004767.

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